Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A week of milestones - big and small

So the last week or so has been kind of traumatic for me as mother. Sure I've been proud. But it's hard to watch your babies grow up and it's weeks like this that remind you it's happening faster than you'd like. So we'll start at the bottom of the stack.

Hillary graduated from Kindergarten.

It seems every grade has a "graduation" these days. It's really just a chance to sing for the parents and give certificates out. They sang animal songs and she was great. I was able to sneak away from work and be there - but I got there just as they were starting so I had a crappy seat in the back. Luckily the little boy on her left was pretty naughty so he was always leaning over or something so I could see her most of the time:)

He in her little hat.

Connor graduated from 6th grade.
This was their official sixth grade program and they did all disney songs. It's was great and for the first time - Connor actually sung most of the songs (not the girl ones - yuck!).

Unfortuanately he's short and they foolishly put him in the back so I couldn't see him most of the time - except his little head when everyone was lined up right. But he did a good job.

This was after he got his certificate and sat down between two girls who kept poking him in the stomach so he would laugh.

Cute graduation pictures huh? They didn't do that when Bre was there.

This is Connor and his friend Christopher.

Breanna finished out the school year strong with pretty good grades. But her biggest accomplishment is that she graduated from a lerners permit to an Official Driver's License yesterday. She only got docked one point on her test and you are allowed to lose 21 so she did really well. The best part....I no longer have to make my own diet Coke runs - she does it for me:) And it will make the summer so great - she can take the kids out to do stuff while I work - sad for me - great for them.

And for those of you keeping tabs - my clot is almost all gone. They will do another CT scan next month and hopefully it will be all gone and they can move forward with taking my gall bladder out. My favorite GI doctor - Dr. Beisinger - is participating in a Race Across America next month. They are biking from CA to MD. Insane - I know. So if you get a chance to cheer them on anywhere - please do so. He is part of Team Donate Life - Liverators.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not one of mine - but cute just the same

Since I have failed to take any pictures of my kids lately and have been wanting to post - you get my nephew Tasman. He plays t-ball. He seems very serious about it - but I think he is serious about most things in life. It's just how he is. It makes him even cuter.

His mom says he did awesome at his game - getting hits of the T and off the pitcher. So Go Tasman!! I so wish we were close enough to come to your games.

PS - If I suddenly received pictures of my other nephews or nieces in my inbox - I'd be super excited and probably post about them too:)