Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy Birthday John

Today is my brother-in-law John's birthday. He is married to my sister Alicia and they have two of the cutest kids ever - Tasman and Amelia. They currently reside in North Carolina where John teaches college. Sadly I've never lived close enough to visit them very much. I suddenly feel like I don't know John very well at all. So my list of things to know about John will be short. Sorry John. It doesn't mean I don't love you:)

Things to know about John:
  • John loves the outdoors and hiking.
  • John loves all things slimey or scaled. And turtles. They lived in Australia for a couple years while John studied turtles. You can see that in all the pictures I have he is outdoors - and most of them include some kind of critter.
  • John is a fabulous Dad. He loves to wrestle with the kids and they love it too.

John has a pretty fabulous Lego collection from when he was a kid. He has passed it on to Tasman and they have family building contests.

  • John plays the banjo. I'm always impressed when I watch this video.

So Happy Birthday John. We hope you have a great day.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My baby is growing up too fast:(

Saturday was Hillary's birthday. Her 5th birthday. Breanna spent the day insisting that Hillary not turn 5. Hillary agreed not to do it. Liar. She turned 5 with a gusto.

Apparently when I wasn't looking she opened the gift of attitude. I'd like to return that if I could figure out where she got it from. Anyway here she is on her big day - officially joining the ranks of "kids who put their headphones on to ignore their parents"

Things you may not know about Hillary:

  • She is named after 3 grandmas: Hill - Her great Grandma Hilda, -ary - Her Grandma Mary Lou, and Tinka - Her Grandma Tinka. She answers to Hillary, Hillary Tinka and Tinka.

  • Sometimes she is really nice when we are playing games and lets me win. It's funny to watch her pretend to move her piece so she doesn't win before I can catch up.

  • She is a Daddy's girl through and through.

  • She still likes to snuggle.

  • She is the girliest girl of my two. Her favorite color is Pink followed closely by purple. She will always choose a dress/skirt over pants. And she loves dolls - much to her Grandma Tinka's delight.

  • As recent as 2 days before her birthday she announced she was turning 5 soon and then she would have her horse. Luckily she must have forgotten as there was no horse on Saturday and she didn't ask about it.

Happy Birthday sweet girl!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Ralph

Today is my Brother's birthday. He is the baby of our family and the only boy. He was and is the most spoiled child out of all of us. I was lucky enough to get to spend a couple days at his house last week when I trekked out east for a funeral. He has found a wonderful wife who puts up with him(Kristina) and they have one little boy(Ben) and a girl(?) on the way.

Things you may not know about Ralph:

  • Despite being a runt - he was exceptional at all sports in high school. He wrestled, played soccer, baseball, football (only 1 season though) and did gymnastics. He bowled and golfed too - but I don't really count those as sports.

  • His favorite color is orange.
  • Yes, that is Chumley...

  • He is an Eagle scout and the current leader in the family Merit Badge contest. Watch out though because Connor is determined to hold that title.

  • He is addicted to Woot.

  • He loves South of the Border. It's strange I know. But he does. I've never personally been there - but I think it's somewhere in the Carolinas. He went there for his birthday last year.
  • He can scratch the back of his throat with his tongue. This annoys most of us though - but it's something not everyone can do.
  • He's a super Dad. He gets right down there and plays with Ben all the time.
  • He has red hair. So does one of my sisters - but he's the only one with kids with red hair too.
  • He used to drive a jeep - but they got rid of it. He's always wanted a truck - so if you're looking for a last minute birthday gift.....

Happy Birthday Ralph. We love you.