Thursday, July 16, 2009


Breanna is old enough to go to Youth Conference this year. Our ward does a Pioneer handcart Trek every 4 years so each youth can go once. This is the year for Bre. She was not really excited but I told her she had to go - that it would be good for her. So we bought fabric (all picked out by her) and made her faboulous matching skirts and blouses and a hat. She left on Wednesday morning and will come home Friday afternoon. The went to Bennion Creek up Spanish Fork Canyon. Hopefully she will get something out of the experience other than blisters. And I did send her with a camera so you may see more pictures. But here is what I took before she left. The boy is Jesse - he lives up the street and has been one of her really good friends for a few years. He went too - but was in a different family.

This was taken just after they returned on Friday. You can kind of see how bad Breanna is sunburned - it looks like she has a scarf on - but no that just sunburn.

Just a note - Breanna is not that fat. Because they have to hike in these skirts they need to be pretty full so there's a lot of fabric around her waist. And she didn't want to tuck her shirt in so it was hanging over all that fabric so it looks like she has no waist and huge hips. But she is actually losing some weight this summer and looks really good - just so you know:)

Coloring in the rain

Saturday evening we were barbequeing and the girls decided ot get out the sidewalk chalk. They had a great time coloring until it started to sprinkle.

Since they didn't want to stop, and because Hillary is currently obsessed with umbrella's, she got out her umbrellas so they could still color in the rain (really more like a couple of drops).

And then we were lucky enough to see a rainbow. We even saw a double rainbow - but it was too faint to be caught on film.

Grandma Carol's 81st birthday and the Lavender Race

We started last weekend on Friday night at a family dinner. It was also my Grandma Carol's 81st birthday so we had cake and sang to her.

Saturday morning was the race through the lavender fields in Mona. Pat did it in his usual time which is about the middle of the pack I think. We'll definately do this one again next year - it was fun.

This was by the starting line.

These are the lavender fields. They actually zig-zagged through them for most of the race.

And yes - it did smell like my mom's house. She loves lavender.

This was the finish line.

Hillary the Fairy

Okay - I was going to be better about posting regularly and not just in spurts - but I have already failed. So you'll get a couple day's of posting this week and then probably nothing for a few.
I was going to post my pictures in the order they happened - but I got some pictures we had taken of Hillary yesterday and can't wait to post them so they get bumped to the front of the cue. So stay tuned for pictures from last weekend's race through the lavender and fun activities. But for today enjoy Hillary in all her beauty.
This was a lady that had set up a booth at the Freedom Festival in Provo. She had the little dress right there and you just put it on your kid and paid your $20 and she shot a few shots and you went on your way. They turned out better than I had dared hope considering it was hot and sticky and Hillary was NOT excited about having her picture taken. But there's just something about her dark skin, hair and eyes that sucks you in.

This is my favorite.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Fourth Of July Weekend

So we had a fabulous holiday weekend. It started on Friday when Breanna came home from Girls Camp. We went swimming in the evening for a couple hours and had a blast. Then we went to bed early because we had to get up early for the race on Saturday. Bre and Connor ran the 1 mile race and Pat ran the 5K. I am so proud of all three of them for even participating. But they all did well and had a good time.

This is Pat just yards from the finish line. He's right in the middle.

This is Connor just yard's from the finish line. Breanna is actually right behind him but my camera didn't reset fast enough to catch her.

The kids had a different starting place than Pat - so logistically we had to be careful. We had to go to the finish line area to pick up their shirts first - then I left Connor and Breanna there (because that's where they actually started) and drive Pat over to his starting place about a mile away. I told the kids to stay right where I left them so I could find them when I got back (hopefully before the race started). They obeyed very well and stayed put. Luckily I got back before they started because I had left them sitting in what was to be the cue for the 10K. When I left no one was there - but when I got back all these die-hard runners were crowded in around them. But we got them where they needed to be and they both finished and did well.

This is Hillary sitting by the finish line with me just waiting.

I think we're doing 3 more races this year, the lavender race next weekend, a fundraiser race in August for the family of a friend of ours, and the turkey trot in November. Maybe next summer I will start racing. We'll see.

Father's Day

Just one day after Connor's birthday we celebrated Father's day. Sadly I wore out the battery in my camera on Connor's birthday so we don't have any pictures of Pat on Father's day. But it was a nice day and I thought it deserved a post anyway. Pat got some more fishing stuff and clothes. And we cooked a big steak dinner for him so he was way happy.

This was on Saturday evening when Hillary "decorated" Pat with balloons.

Pat and Hillary husking corn for dinner.

Happy Father's Day Pat - thanks for being such a great one.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Connor's Birthday

It's hard to believe Connor is already 10. I call him my baby boy still. He had a great birthday including lots of presents and a party.

This is Connor with his cake. He wanted Spongebob toys on top but I couldn't find any appropriate ones. So this is what he got.
He broke his pole the last time he fished so he got a new pole and box to keep his stuff in.

His favorite card came from Grandma Tinka and Grandpa Ralph. They still play it and can sing along.

Isn't he CUTE!!!

Opening presents still in his PJ's.

Assembling one of the many Lego sets he got for his birthday.

This is at the party. It is Jayden, Bridger, and Christopher. They were playing a great game Breanna was in charge of. In that present was a prize - with about 50 layers of wrapping paper. Bre played music while they passed the present around. When the music stopped whoever had the present got to unwrap one layer. The person who unwrapped the present won it. The boys had a great time and loved the game. Feel free to use it at your next party.

The Spongebob pinata. We were actually going to whack it but as you can kind of see from the window - it was one of our monsoon like storms so we opted for the inside - safer version and they each pulled a string that made his bum come open. I had stuffed it so tight with toys we had to really work to get it all out though.

This is Penny sporting a party hat. She enjoyed chewing it up as soon as I let her go.
Okay I know I should have blogged a lot of this stuff 2 weeks ago. But I've been riding my bike to work and I refuse to put my camera in my backpack. I also know I could just do it from home - but my computer there is too slow and I'm too impatient. So due to that you will get a re-cap week. We will cover Connor's birthday and the 4th of July and other fun stuff. So stay tuned all week.
We'll start with some summer fun. It has finally warmed up here enough to go swimming and run through the sprinklers. Here are the kids having fun on the slip & slide.