Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Just a few tidbits before Christmas.
One more visit with Santa for Hillary.
One more creepy old man that makes Bre sit on his lap.
And one more annoyance in general to Connor.
This is what I saw last week when I came out of the house to go pick up Bre.
After some frantic screaming by me for Hillary to get her coat and boots on and get outside pronto - we got a picture with Santa, his Elf, and his llama.

Three things to note. 1) Yes I know my daughter is in a tank top. She refuses to acknowledge it's freezing outside. 2) This Santa was visiting the homebound gentleman that lives next door to us. 3) That red van in the picture - that's what they arrived in. Llama and all. Who knew?

I made new matching socks for us all this year. These are the kids. Cute aren't they? They're elf socks.

I hope eveyone has a wonderful Christmas - or whatever you celebrate.
And if I don't see you next week - have a great New Year's too.

Friday, December 17, 2010


It's the perfect year in our house. Hillary is old enough to know Santa and understand his function - but young enough to still seriously believe. And she does. She keeps telling me the things she didn't do in order to stay off the naughty list. It's pretty cute. We went to visit Santa last weekend because Hillary had "business" to discuss with him. We went first to visit my favorite Santa in Orem only to find out they don't let you take pictures anymore and wanted to charge me $20 for one little copy. So we just talked to that Santa and then I dragged them to another Santa. I then spent the 15 minutes in line trying to explain to Hillary about "Santa's Helpers."
Anyway - while Hillary is a true believer - my other kids are not, haven't been for years now:( But they were both pretty good sports and understand how important "keeping up the act" is for Hillary. But Connor didn't want to talk to Santa and Bre was creeped out by sitting on the old mans lap. Hence this lovely picture.
Hillary was of course willing to smile and sit on his lap. She assured him that Connor was just scared of Santa's and it was okay. She even offered to hold Connor's hand if it would help. She only asked for two things and the same two things to each Santa which is good. My other kids always managed to ask for some strange and obscure thing when they saw Santa.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hillary's story

At our school when you are in kindergarten one of the official skills you learn is how to stand up and tell a story to the class. For most kids this is a breeze - they choose a story they already kind of know and just get up and tell it. Hillary has a problem speaking in front of a group though. It doesn't matter how well she knows her story or part - she has trouble doing it. She has yet to give her line or scripture in the sacrament program. Even if someone stands there to tell her what to say - she is just too shy I guess - or too scared. Anyway - she had her story down pat. She chose 5 little monkeys. You know - the ones who get eaten by the alligator. We made the monkeys and alligator and everything. She practiced for a couple weeks every day and could do it without any trouble. We even went out and bought a brand new outfit so she'd be super cute.

When Pat and I arrived to watch she was already in tears. Her teacher said she had gotten poked with a pin (Hillary says stabbed with a needle...) and was inconsolable. She was doing that hiccupy crying thing they do when they're super upset. I finally got her calmed down enough to stop crying and get the microphone on. But then she stood behind me and wouldn't come out. So we took a little break and her teacher read a story and we tried again. She got through it with the promise of McDonalds for lunch - and only almost cried again once. Poor thing, you can tell she's not thrilled to be up there.

But she was super cute in her new clothes. And she let Daddy do her hair instead of leaving it straight down.

She did a great job despite her fears. And we were so proud. Sadly, like me, she'll probably battle this fear her whole life.

She got an extra special treat from her teacher that no one else did - a candy cane. She had to hide it from the kids. But her teacher saw how hard it had been for her and was proud too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cute friend gifts - 2010

This year Bre did these cute gifts for her friends. She didn't really have any boys on her list so it was good. We also realized that her gifts are always food based - but never acutally food. But we were super happy with these cupcakes made from chapstick and washcloths.

Officially Christmas - in my office anyway

It snowed again last night. After a week of drizzly rain - it finally got cold enough to snow at about 2am this morning. While I hate snow - I was tired of the rain too. I know - I'm never happy.

Any-hoo....Yesterday I was doing the last of my shopping in the CD section of Wally world and came across Kenny & Dolly Once Upon a Christmas for only $5!!!! So that's what I'm listening to in my office today. Yay for me. I'll let you borrow it if you ask:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving wrap up and sledding

We had Thanksgiving at our house just our little family. No pressure, no rush. I like it that way. Plus the two girls were sick and didn't eat anyway. But Pat ventured into the world of fried turkey's this year. We will continue to do it this way as it was way yummy. And quicker than in the oven.

Nice and golden - not burnt:)

Thanksgiving weekend was the last time we had snow in Springville. We snuck in a little sledding.

It was a fabulous 4 day weekend all around.