Friday, June 19, 2009

Art City Days Friday/Saturday Statistics

number of hot dogs consumed per person: 4
number of scones consumed per person: 2
number of rainstorms we were actually outside in: 2
number of concerts we attended: 2number of Survivor winners in attendance: 1
number of parades we attended or were in: 2
number of car shows attended: 1
number of motorcycle shows attended: 1number of songs sang by one of us on stage: 1
number of hot air balloons we saw: 4
number of firemen cooking us breakfast: 5
number of contests we participated in (including the 5K): 4
number of prizes collected from said contests: 2
amount of candy we collected/ate at the parade: probably close to a pound each
amount of fun had by each person: more than I could measure.

I love my town and their Art City Days!!!

This is me singing I'm a little teapot on stage Friday night. There is no video - don't ask. I had to do it to participate in the Let's Make a Deal like game. Unfortunately I gave up my $5 gift card for a box of Frootloops. Pretty even trade actually - but there were WAY better prizes I could have gotten. But I did get on stage with Todd and that was worth it.
This is the children's parade the kids were in. They decorated their bikes and rode around Grant School. They actually do it every year somehow since Bre was a little girl and this is the first one I've gotten to. It was fun.
Connor in the Children's Parade. You can't tell but he's trying to race an electric car/train thing. I think he won - but I'm not sure the other guy knew there was a contest....

This is Saturday's storm moving in.

This is us tuffing out the Saturday storm. Unfortunately on Friday we didn't have the nice umbrellas. But we still tuffed it out...

This is the parade Saturday morning. By the time the parade started the sun was out and we were getting hot.

PS Tasman:
This picture was taken especially for you. Maybe next year you can come visit us for the parade and see it for yourself:)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Park Photo Contest

Springville had a photography contest this last week. There were 5 parks listed and you were to go to the park and then follow the instructions they gave you. The instructions were something like start at the park sign and walk straight 34 paces. Turn 90 degrees left and walk 4 paces. You get the point. When you reached the final spot you were to take as creative a picture as you could. Then you submitted your photos. The results will be read at the concert on Friday so we don't know if we won. But in my book we are all the winners so I'm posting everyone's photos for your enjoyment. We did 4 parks so we each have 4 pictures except Hillary who must not have pushed the button and I didn't notice. I'll do each person as their own post - so be sure to scroll down and check them all out. I was impressed with everyones and we had fun doing it despite the initial grumblings that I was interupting "play" time.

Hillary's photos

Connor's photos

Heather's photos

Breanna's pictures

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fun Weekend stuff

We participated in our first 5k this weekend. It was of course the kick off to Art City Days. For us it's a fun filled week culminating in a grand finale of concert and fireworks on Saturday. Here's pat in all his glory. He did well - finishing in about the middle of the pack. The older kids both finished but walked most of it and Hillary suffered two broken legs and couldn't continue after a couple of blocks. (Don't panic...her legs were NOT actually broken - that's just what she said).
But luckily the two "broken" legs didn't prevent her riding her new bike. She got it last week and LOVES it. She is actually very good also - maybe by the end of the summer we'll be training wheel free.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Fun Weekend stuff

Hillary loves to put herself in Penny's house. I swear it wasn't me.

Pat and Connor went fishing and Connor did really well. They were using bobbers and Connor says "Pat I think I lost my bobber". He didn't understand the concept of a bobber I guess:)