Friday, April 24, 2009

For all those Moms and especially those Soon to Be Moms

I want you to go read this wonderful post by a bloggy-friend of mine. It's so so true. Then have a wonderful weekend...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter Outfits

Here is Hillary and Connor. Connor is M.A.D. at me for making him wear new church shoes. Can you tell? Hillary is not mad so much as zombied out.
This is Breanna trying to figure out if Hillary is mad or just a zombie. We decided a zombie.I finally got everyone to smile and the weather was great. Now if I could just get Connor to quit gobbling up his church clothes - I'd be set......
Hillary is wearing her new "Princess Dress" made by Grandma Tinka. The first official sewing project since the big accident. She (grandma Tinka) doesn't think it's her best work - but Hillary was more than thrilled with the twirl factor. And she's the one who dubbed it the "Princess Dess". She couldn't love it more and wouldn't even let me shorten it a little bit. And we all thought it looked great - so Thank You Grandma Tinka. Connor refused to get new clothes - but was forced to get new shoes as his others were too small. Bre is sporting a dress and shoes of her choice.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Pictures

Pat and Hillary patiently waiting in the cold for the hunt to begin.
Hillary enjoying a pre-hunt treat. I would gladly post pictures of the actual hunt - HAD I TAKEN ANY! I know bad mom got no pictures of her actually hunting. This will have to do.
This is Hillary and I dyeing eggs. She was the only one really interested in helping me. We had a BLAST.
We did put stickers on them when they were dry - however again I didn't get a finished product picture. I'm was really struggling in the picture department Saturday.
I got away with buying ZERO candy this year. Yea for me!!! However - I went a little overboard with the gifts to compensate. But most of it was stuff they needed anyway - summer clothes and such. So I don't feel too bad. And the stuff in the celophane is from their Grandma and Grandpa. This is Breanna's pile of stuff.
Connor's pile.
Hillary's Pile.

Stayed tuned tomorrow to see pictures of Easter clothes.....

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Saturday was Breanna's 14th birthday. I think it was a success in her mind as she got everything she wanted. She chose to once again to have a fondue party with her friends. It was a total success and everyone had a great time.

This is the piggy cake I made for her on the weekend. She always says I make better cakes for other people so i had to come through for her this year.

This is the dessert fondue. There was milk and white chocolate fondue with lots of yummy stuff to dip in it includeing PEEPs.

This is mostly for my mom - I only convinced them to play one round of heavy, heavy hang over. Sad huh?

This is the main course of the fondue. There was oil in the pots and they had meat, seafood and veggies to cook.

This is the kids playing WII. They did this between courses while I cleaned up one and set up the next. There was actually three, cheese, oil, and chocolate.

More fun with fondue!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cutie Patootie!

Need I say more?