Friday, November 20, 2009


Hillary is 4 years old and we haven't had a family picture taken professionally since she was a tiny baby. So I finally got around to it. And yes - those of you who I know would like one - one will be on it's way to you soon. Here is just a sampling of my favorites. I think they turned out better than I had hoped.

There is a full color version of this one in which Breanna's hair actually looks red because of the sun. She likes that one better - but I like this one as we don't all look as orange.

Breanna's turned out REALLY nice. She has decided she looks like a model.

Connor has been announcing to anyone who would listen how hot he is in his picture.

Hillary is of course cute as usual.

She did a really nice one of Pat and I too. However I don't think either of us could be a model or even considered hot. Oh to be young again....
If nothing else I got my money's worth in self esteem for my two older kids. But we actually couldn't be any happier with the pictures either. If you live in the Utah county area I would gladly recommend Jody Hancock. Check out her blog -

First Snow

Last weekend we had the first snow of the year. You can see there's not much and it was gone pretty quick. But there was enough for a snow angel and I think one large snowball (sadly not pictured.) This was my mom's snow angel from last year. Hillary reminded me about it so I dug out the picture and posted it. She was able to do it all by herself which if you know about the accident - is quite the achievement.
Snow Angel skills must be in the genes...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Am I totally lame because I just bought the Glee season one soundtrack and REALLY REALLY like it? Or are you lame because you are REALLY REALLY jealous of me?