Monday, August 29, 2011

Top 5 things I learned at my company golf tournament

My company had their annual golf tournament last weekend out at Thanksgiving Point. I'm not a golfer so I didn't actually golf - but they did let me go sit at hole #7. If you got a hole in one on this hole - you got $500 and they needed someone to witness it. So I sat there with coolers of drinks and tons of treats for everyone and watched everyone golf. It was the best of all worlds. I got to spend the day outside and see everyone in the tournament as they came by - but I didn't have to golf. So here are the top 5 things I learned as I sat there.

  1. The mosquitoes at the golf course are vicious an unrelenting. And it hurts when thy bite you. I had so many in the first couple hours I thought I might need a blood transfusion.

  2. Never kayak on a river that runs through a golf course. Especially if hole #7 has to go right over the river - you are likely to be hit by a golf ball.

  3. Golf makes people swear. Even people who don't swear do it when they are playing golf. And it's funny.

  4. If you have to buy golf pants at the course pro shop - you are likely going to look REALLY bad and be mocked all day long.

  5. The girl with the drinks and treats is the MOST popular girl around.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back to School by the numbers

Clothes bought:

Pairs of shoes - 5 (plus one pair of VANS - thanks Dad)

Pairs of pants - 19

tops - 31

gym shorts - 2

socks - enough for everyone

Supplies bought:

Pencils - 50 (they were dirt cheap - I bought plenty to last the year)

glue sticks - 4

Elmer's glue - 2

duct tape - 1 roll

masking tape - 1 roll

hand sanitizer - 4

tissues - 2

scissors - 1

gallon ziplock bags - 1 box

folders - 12

binders - 6

white board markers - 8

crayons - 4

markers - 1

colored pencils - 1

pens - 8

composition notebooks - 1

college ruled paper - 3

graph paper - 1

pairs of pants hemmed - 6

pairs of pants pinned up but not hemmed yet - 3 ***UPDATE - I hemmed those three and found 2 more:(

registrations days - 4 (oops - registered Connor at the JR High one day before he got into the Charter)

back to school meetings -3

first days of school - 2

number of times we got to bed on time the first week - 0

Number of kids who had a good first day of school - 2.5 (Connor's was just okay. It's hard to transition to lockers and changing classes) ****UPDATE: Connor's second day was great:)

Hillary - 1st grade

Connor - 7th grade

Breanna - 11th grade
I for one am glad the preparation is over and they are all back in school but I'm also sad the summer is over - I think it went by way too fast this year.