Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Music

So my Wonderful Children convinced my Wonderful Husband to get me the Glee Soundtrack Volume 2 for Christmas. I know I posted about how much I loved Volume 1 - and Volume 2 did not disappoint either. So I have changed my music to some selections from those CD's. So enjoy them as much as I do.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Cute friend gifts...

Breanna is at an age where she wants to give gifts to all her friends for Christmas. I, however refuse to pay more than a dollar or two for each gift which limits her greatly. However this year we found some fleece scarfs at Old Navy for REALLY cheap so I bought her a bunch. Then she couldn't figure out how to wrap them - so we came up with putting them in cute little Chinese food boxes. The scarf went in one box and then we made "felt sushi" to go in the small box. It turned out way cute and all her friends were thrilled. The boys just got cookies in the big box and chocolate pretzels/turtles/peppermint bark in the smaller one. They were thrilled too.

This is me whipping up a batch of sushi.

These are the finished product. Cute huh?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas clothes

My kids looked so cute on Sunday in their new Christmas clothes. The primary sang in Sacrament meeting too and Connor and Hillary did great.

Without the scarfs - so you can appreciate my handiwork. Yes I made the skirts.

They thought they were being funny.

With the scarfs made by my good friend Mary. I would have attempted them myself - but I started the whole project far too late and she crochets at warp speed so she offered to whip them out for me. It only took her two nights - would have taken me MUCH MUCH MUCH longer.

Yes - I have obnoxious kids. This is them pretending they love each other at my request.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Because I hate it when my contest entrys are at the top of my blog....

Yesterday Hillary was with me at my friends house. She was doing some puzzles. There was a series of 8 kids puzzles each progressively harder with more pieces. Hillary dumps all eight puzzles out and mixes up the pieces and then starts putting them together. She is surprisingly good at puzzles.

Then she turns to me and says "Am I blowing your mind out Mom?" And yes - she was blowing my mind.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Another contest...

Yet another contest I found. Feel free to enter - (or don't and increase my odds of winning). My Grandma Carol always told me - "if you don't enter - you can't win". Of course she was always talking about the publishers clearing house but I'm pretty sure it applies here too.

Ruffled Feathers

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


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Monday, December 7, 2009


This past weekend we went down to Moab so Pat could run in the Winter Sun 10K. It's his first 10K since he's started running again and I think he did pretty well. He finished and that's what he always says his goal is. Here he is at the finish line. There were only a very few people tuff enough to wear just shorts and a shirt. Most had on sweats and coats. I realize that most all of his race pictures look the same - him coming to the finish line very tired. Oh well. You can see the kids standing there in their coats and hats. It was VERY cold.

We decided to stay the weekend and make a mini vacation out of it. They had a lot of stuff going on in relation to the race. We went to a craft fair where you could ride Maggie the camel. Hillary and Connor both rode. They had fun but said it was very bumpy.

Hillary sat on Santa's lap. This is the second one she's visited with - but the first who she's gotten close enough to sit on his lap. She keeps asking for make-up. Guess Santa has some shopping to do:) He listened to her then gave her a candycane and a stuffed penguin which is now her prized possesion.
Saturday night they had an electric parade. Pretty impressive for a little town like that. Lucky it wasn't very long though because not even the promise of candy could keep Hillary from expressing how cold she was. But we made it through and enjoyed it a lot.
Most of my pictures look like this - so I will spare you - but I got a couple good ones. This is actually a man on a bicycle pulling a trailing that has a giant lighted snowflake on it. You see it now, don't you?

This is the kids waiting for it to start. I know Breanna looks like she is crying but she is not - I just caught her at the wrong moment. And Connor was onery as usual. Hillary was all smiles though.

This one is for you Tasman - lighted tractors - does it get any better than this?
This is the fire engine with Santa on it.

I had big plans of hiking and visiting arches - but it was just SOOO cold that not even with our coats, hats and gloves on could we stand to be outside very long. So we just enjoyed each other's company in our little motel room.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 2

This is the first year we've done Thanksgiving on our own. I decided it was high time I started a few of my own traditions seeing as how my daughter is already almost 15. The first thing we did was get up and go participate in the Turkey Trot in Orem. It was great fun and everyone ran/walked in something. Pat did the 4 mile. Bre and I did the 2 mile. Connor was in the 1 mile and Hillary was a quarter mile. Everyone finished. It was cold and we were busy getting everyone to their starting lines so I didn't get any pictures. But we had fun and will definitely do it again next year.

Then we came home and I started the turkey. The kids decided they wanted to make it a game day so we bought a few new games and they got out a couple of stand-bys and they played games pretty much all afternoon. It was great fun.

I put Breanna and Hillary in charge of table decor. They made this cute little Turkey crayon bucket and covered the table in paper so we could draw on it. It was actually a lot of fun. Hillary spent a LOT of time coloring - especially after dinner when the table was cleared.

Hillary and Breanna's artwork.

Connor's artwork
I vowed to get the tree up in a timely manner this year so we went on Saturday and got a real one. It's been about 5 years since we had a real one or got it up early. Hillary loved decorating it with sparkly purple ornament and loves the lights.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Part 1

Hillary's pre-school had a lovely Fall Harvest Feast on the day before Thanksgiving. Before we ate they told the story of the first Thanksgiving. Hillary of course played an Indian -Duh. But she has developed a BAD case of terminal shyness which resulted in her not being able to wrap up in the blanket like the other Indians. But she was still cute.

Here they are teaching the Pilgrims how to plant food so they wouldn't starve to death.
They are supposed to be joining hands in thanks - but Hillary refused to touch the boy next to her so she was holding her coat out for him to hold on to.

These were the table decorations.

Hillary served us bread and soup.

She ate while she did it.

Watch for part 2 tomorrow........

New layout...

I finally finished putting up the Christmas decorations including the blog. Enjoy. I have updated my playlist to Christmas music. Also enjoy that - or just go shut it off as it's mostly Kenny and Neil.