Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Witches, witches, witches

A couple weeks ago we took the girls up to Gardner village to have breakfast with the Witches. It's super fun and I'd definately recommend it for any little girl. But buy your tickets early next year as they sell out fast. And we definately were not the most dressed up - although both girls had matching witch hats.

They also have the best witches all around the shops. You can get a list and look like a scavenger hunt for them all. They're funny and cute.

Pat shareing witchy secrets.

You can't see it but this witch has cats running around under her skirt - like the sugarplum fairy in the Nutcracker.

Junk food witch.

Bre was a little creeped out. Hillary wouldn't get any closer to the witch though.

One of the great witches at breakfast. You get autograph sheets with all their pictures on it to go around and get signed.
They carry around these plates and share a worm with the kids.

The giant pumpkin cake.

Another witch. She was by far the "witchyest" one we saw.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The last of the random pictures from my phone....

Around our house we have tons of snails. I actually think they're everywhere in this area - but some days I feel like they must ALL be at our house there's so many. But anyway - Hillary decided to have some as pets one day. So she collected and lined them up. I thought it was gross and made her go wash her hands.

My sister made me take her picture in August when I was out East. Yes this was what she meant it to look like - it was supposed to be the caller ID on my cell phone.
I can't really remember when or why we took this picture.

This is from when we went to Wendover for Connor's Birthday/Father's Day.

These are the GIANT chairs they had at Sam's Club. They were $80. I wouldn't buy one. Then they went on clearance for $20 and I still wouldn't buy one much to my kids dismay.

Friday, October 15, 2010

At least I made it in this week....

I know I said I'd be better - but sickness trumps blogging every time. Sorry.
So today is about Connor.

This is Connor and Hillary down at Arches Visitor's Center. I'm not sure what wrong with him. No one is....
This is up at the Mayan in Salt Lake. We were meeting up with my parents for dinner - but ate somewhere else. He begged me to take his picture before we left though.
He thought this barbie was the most hilarious thing he'd ever seen. He was laughing so hard he couldn't tell me what was so funny. So he made me take a picture of it.
This was last week when he had a longboard mishap. He actually took a chip out of his elbow - but a week in a splint did the trick - yay for no cast. (Ignore the disaster in the corner of my Living Room. We had emptied out Hillary's entire room to de-junk it and hadn't gotten through the massive pile of stuff yet. It's all gone now - thank heavens - but it took several evenings to sort through it all. That child is too spoiled by everyone.)
When I went to SEP's these were the poems they had hanging in the hallway. I really liked Connor's so I took a picture. I'm not sure why he's not Hillary's brother too. Or who he's giving food to. But I can attest to the fact that he likes mints:)

Maybe next week will be better - but I'm not making any promises this time:)

Friday, October 8, 2010

It took me long enough....

I'm changing over to a Halloween background today. There are several I want to try so I may change it once a week - or not. We'll see. But today you get random pictures - not enough of each to make their own post - but I wanted to include them in something so here goes.

Today is all about Hillary.

At least Hillary knows how to spell her name....even if it is on the walls. Yes she scrubbed it off and had a time-out.
Hillary's rendition of her and Daddy.
Another pony ride.
Hillary and her babies.
This was from the first week of school. While her Grandpa was here he taught her a couple of important phrases - one of which was "my tiara makes me taller". This is her being taller with her school tiara.

Stay tuned for more - I'll be better next week....maybe.