Thursday, January 28, 2010

A link for my nephews...

Dear Dylan, Tasman & Benjamin -
Make your mom's pull up this link from my side bar. You'll like it a lot. Then convince them to make one for you. If you came to visit me - I'd make them every day for you. I miss you all tons. ( Amelia too - but she won't appreciate this link like the boys will).

Auntie Heather


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas morning pictures

Here are the rest of my Christmas Morning pictures.
Pat relaxing after about half the presents are opened.
Breanna and Hillary waiting in the hallway. We had to literally drag Connor out of bed.

Hillary being excited before even opening anything.

Connor being excited.

A pig shaped spatula I got for Breanna. She has started a "hope chest" for lack of a better term. She is collecting things to use when she moves out. Feel free to contribute if you'd like. She is actually really enjoying buying/receiving stuff for it.
This was the ultimate surprise to Breanna. The only thing she was expecting for Christmas was a new phone. I had her convinced that we couldn't go get one until the Saturday after Christmas due to schedule conflicts. She was fine with this - but I snuck out and got one without her. She loves it.

Hillary playing with her tug-of-war puppy. She has already either broke it or worn out the batteries as of the 10th.

Pat's new Redskins beanie.

Hillary in her other new pajama pants. You'll also note the throw-up bowl next to her. She had a rough morning - open a few presents, throw up, open a few more, throw up. By noon she was over it though and enjoyed the rest of the day. I think it was just too much excitement.

Connor being super excited about the huge lego set from Grandma and Grandpa.

Pat being super excited over all his new music...
and his new flexible shish-ka-bob skewers. And yes they are awesome and the work great.

Hillary post sickness in her Tinkerbell dress-up clothes.

I was taking all the pictures so of course there are none of me - but I raked it in this year getting a new MP3 player, a fancy new phone and an enamel coated dutch oven among other things. We all had a great Christmas this year - hopefully you did too.
PS. I think I should get a prize as I was all prepared with extra large packages of batteries in assorted sizes and nothing any of my kids got required any. Not installing batteries is definately the way to go.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Eve Pictures

I decided I had to split my pictures between two posts. I know the split is lopsided but oh well. The second half of the post will be tomorrow so watch for it.

This is the kids on Christmas Eve displaying their new jammie pants. I actually made Connor's and Hillary's. I bought Breanna's on sale for less than I could buy material so I didn't make hers. She has requested that I make more like them for her though.
These are pictures of the kids stuff "after Santa Visited".
Hillary's haul. Yes she outdid everyone - but we expected that so it was okay.

Breanna's haul. She cost the most money - also to be expected.

Connor's haul - you can't see the skateboard ramp he got - I don't know where it was.

Patricks stuff on the right and mine on the left. We both did well too.