Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Just a few tidbits before Christmas.
One more visit with Santa for Hillary.
One more creepy old man that makes Bre sit on his lap.
And one more annoyance in general to Connor.
This is what I saw last week when I came out of the house to go pick up Bre.
After some frantic screaming by me for Hillary to get her coat and boots on and get outside pronto - we got a picture with Santa, his Elf, and his llama.

Three things to note. 1) Yes I know my daughter is in a tank top. She refuses to acknowledge it's freezing outside. 2) This Santa was visiting the homebound gentleman that lives next door to us. 3) That red van in the picture - that's what they arrived in. Llama and all. Who knew?

I made new matching socks for us all this year. These are the kids. Cute aren't they? They're elf socks.

I hope eveyone has a wonderful Christmas - or whatever you celebrate.
And if I don't see you next week - have a great New Year's too.

Friday, December 17, 2010


It's the perfect year in our house. Hillary is old enough to know Santa and understand his function - but young enough to still seriously believe. And she does. She keeps telling me the things she didn't do in order to stay off the naughty list. It's pretty cute. We went to visit Santa last weekend because Hillary had "business" to discuss with him. We went first to visit my favorite Santa in Orem only to find out they don't let you take pictures anymore and wanted to charge me $20 for one little copy. So we just talked to that Santa and then I dragged them to another Santa. I then spent the 15 minutes in line trying to explain to Hillary about "Santa's Helpers."
Anyway - while Hillary is a true believer - my other kids are not, haven't been for years now:( But they were both pretty good sports and understand how important "keeping up the act" is for Hillary. But Connor didn't want to talk to Santa and Bre was creeped out by sitting on the old mans lap. Hence this lovely picture.
Hillary was of course willing to smile and sit on his lap. She assured him that Connor was just scared of Santa's and it was okay. She even offered to hold Connor's hand if it would help. She only asked for two things and the same two things to each Santa which is good. My other kids always managed to ask for some strange and obscure thing when they saw Santa.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hillary's story

At our school when you are in kindergarten one of the official skills you learn is how to stand up and tell a story to the class. For most kids this is a breeze - they choose a story they already kind of know and just get up and tell it. Hillary has a problem speaking in front of a group though. It doesn't matter how well she knows her story or part - she has trouble doing it. She has yet to give her line or scripture in the sacrament program. Even if someone stands there to tell her what to say - she is just too shy I guess - or too scared. Anyway - she had her story down pat. She chose 5 little monkeys. You know - the ones who get eaten by the alligator. We made the monkeys and alligator and everything. She practiced for a couple weeks every day and could do it without any trouble. We even went out and bought a brand new outfit so she'd be super cute.

When Pat and I arrived to watch she was already in tears. Her teacher said she had gotten poked with a pin (Hillary says stabbed with a needle...) and was inconsolable. She was doing that hiccupy crying thing they do when they're super upset. I finally got her calmed down enough to stop crying and get the microphone on. But then she stood behind me and wouldn't come out. So we took a little break and her teacher read a story and we tried again. She got through it with the promise of McDonalds for lunch - and only almost cried again once. Poor thing, you can tell she's not thrilled to be up there.

But she was super cute in her new clothes. And she let Daddy do her hair instead of leaving it straight down.

She did a great job despite her fears. And we were so proud. Sadly, like me, she'll probably battle this fear her whole life.

She got an extra special treat from her teacher that no one else did - a candy cane. She had to hide it from the kids. But her teacher saw how hard it had been for her and was proud too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cute friend gifts - 2010

This year Bre did these cute gifts for her friends. She didn't really have any boys on her list so it was good. We also realized that her gifts are always food based - but never acutally food. But we were super happy with these cupcakes made from chapstick and washcloths.

Officially Christmas - in my office anyway

It snowed again last night. After a week of drizzly rain - it finally got cold enough to snow at about 2am this morning. While I hate snow - I was tired of the rain too. I know - I'm never happy.

Any-hoo....Yesterday I was doing the last of my shopping in the CD section of Wally world and came across Kenny & Dolly Once Upon a Christmas for only $5!!!! So that's what I'm listening to in my office today. Yay for me. I'll let you borrow it if you ask:)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Thanksgiving wrap up and sledding

We had Thanksgiving at our house just our little family. No pressure, no rush. I like it that way. Plus the two girls were sick and didn't eat anyway. But Pat ventured into the world of fried turkey's this year. We will continue to do it this way as it was way yummy. And quicker than in the oven.

Nice and golden - not burnt:)

Thanksgiving weekend was the last time we had snow in Springville. We snuck in a little sledding.

It was a fabulous 4 day weekend all around.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 22

Today is the last day - although I have had fun putting in writing the things I'm thankful for. But I've save the things I'm most thankful for for last. My family.

My husband Pat is my second best friend(you'll have to keep reading to find out who my best friend is...). He's sweet, kind and generous. He's great with all the kids but most especially his little baby girl Hillary. The other night I looked over and he was on the couch with Bre curled up on one side and Hillary on the other. Nothing makes a mother's heart feel better than that.

Bre is my very best friend. We haven't always been that way - but even if you ask her she'll tell you we're best friends. We have fun together. She shows me everyday what a strong person she is. She has been through a lot in her short 15 years - and I think come out better for it. She's by no means a perfect child - she is a teenager after all - but I'm proud of who she is and what she does.

Connor is my only son. He has amazing talent. We have had to lay a rule down that he can't shower after Hillary goes to bed because he will stand in there for an hour singing so loud it wakes her up. He is a great artist too. He has made amazing accomplishments in school in the last couple years. He too has been through a lot in the last couple years - but he has been strong and he makes me proud.

Hillary is my baby. And will always be my baby. When I come home from work she comes running at me as fast as she can and gives me the biggest hug. I have to be prepared or she knocks me down. But she knows it makes me happy so she does it. Even if I-Carly is on. And that says something. She always cares when I am sad - even if I'm just crying over a TV show. She is kind and generous. And she's pretty cute. She's the perfect mix of me and Pat.

I couldn't ask for a better husband or kids. I love them so much my heart hurts. When I think that in 3 short years Bre could leave home - I think I might die. But I know they will grow to be happy adults outside my home. I hope they always come home for holidays though. I wish I could go home to spend them with my parents.

I hope you have someone or something to be thankful for - and that you tell them. Happy Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 21

Today I am thankful that we got less than an inch of snow in the great Blizzard of 2010 for which they shut down schools. Reminds me of when i was young....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 20

Today is my Mom's day.

I am thankful for my great grandkids. They are so cute, smart, nice and I love them to pieces. I am thankful that my newest one, less than a day old is with us and is doing great.
I am thankful for my kids. They have always thought me a lot and been such an important part of my life but now we are very good friends and I love being part of their lives. I am thankful for my kids by marriage too. You are all a great part of this family.
I am thankful for my husband. He was been my best friend for over 40 years now and I have always know that he was the smartest, best looking, and generous man ever but for the last 2 years he have gone above and beyond the call of being a husband and has taken care of me.
I am thankful for the challenges of the last 2 years and the fact that we have been given this chance to prove all that we can do and be.
I am thankful for great friends like the owls (a group of lady's that I stitch with in Virginia). They are always there when I need help, a pick me up or a good stitching afternoon.
I am thankful for my beliefs and faith and a church to belong to that always give me hope for many blessing still to come.
Thank you Heather for this chance to have a reason to count my blessing and all the many things (not all mentioned here) to be thankful for all year.

Monday, November 22, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 19

Today I am thankful for my parents.

It wasn't too long ago we almost lost mom when she got hit by a car. I am so thankful she survived. And not only that - she has managed to teach us all about learning to deal with what you have and be grateful for it. And to live in the here and now and not waste time with your loved ones. She taught me more than I have room to list and I am grateful every day for that.

The other day when I posted about my garbage disposal my mom commented that I had my Dad to be thankful for for the ability to fix things myself. He raised very independent girls who can take care of themselves. For that I am grateful. He has been such an example of love and service since my mom's accident. He has given selflessly and tirelessly to my mother. He is also the best Grandpa ever. My kids know that if they ever have a question about anything they can call Grandpa and he will know the answer. They think he is the smartest person ever - and I tend to agree.

I love you Mom and Dad.

22 days of Thanks - Day 18

Today (actually yesterday - but I never got it up) is Pat's day.

Hello family and friends-

Today is my day to give thanks.
I am thankful for my wife and kids. They bring me so much joy.
Now that our 5 year old is in kindergarten I get to learn the things I missed.
I am thankful that my children have wonderful grandparents.
I'm thankful for a loving mother.
I'm thankful that our kids help each other with their homework and that they are all best friends.



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Saturday, November 20, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 17

Today I am thankful for my siblings and their spouses. I am the oldest of 4. We don't always get along - who does? - but we are all always there for each other when we need it. I know I say this a lot but I wish I lived closer to them. The other three are all within hours of each other now and get together often. I sadly, am on the other side of the country and just get to be jealous of them. If I ever win the lottery - the first thing I'd do would be move closer to them.

So, Wendie, Alicia and Ralph I am thankful you are my brother and sisters. And Kristina and John - I'm so glad you married into our family. I love you all.

Friday, November 19, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 16

Today I am thankful that I am smart enough to replace my own garbage disposal. I finally wore the old one out and we had to get a new one. I was able to replace it with only one additional trip to the Home Depot (we had to get a cord kit so we could plug it in - who knew?). Now I am the proud owner of a Badger 5 - 2 tier disposal system. That means it chops it up once then sends it on to be chopped up again before going down the pipes. According to the brochure I can now send whole carrots, half artichokes, apple cores and potatoe peels down it. Don't panic - I won't actually do any of that - but I like to know I could if my life depended on it:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 14 & 15

I skipped yesterday because I wanted that cute little Amelia at the top of my blog all day for her birthday. So today you get two.

Yesterday I was grateful for a husband who tolerates all my craft crap all over the house. I always have multiple projects going - I get it from my mother. Hopefully the current disaster will leave my house soon though - watch for it nephews/neice - it's going to be fun!!!

Today I am grateful for a biology teacher who is willing to work with Breanna to bring her grades up. This has been a rough class for her. A new to teaching teacher who treats them like college students - lecturing with power points and stuff. She's not a good note taker and has been struggling with the vocabulary. But we have a plan in place and she is re-taking some tests and hopefully it will get better.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Amelia

Today is Amelia's 1st birthday. And the last birthday in our family for the year - if you don't count the new niece coming next week. The only thing you really need to know about Amelia is that she is my very most favoritest niece that I have. At least for a few more days:) Enjoy looking at the cute pictures of her. I do regularly.
Amelia and her brother Tasman
Making pretzels.
A super cute hand-me-down from Hillary - picked out and paid for by Grandma Tinka.
Helping mom clean.

Sucking in one of her lips. The bottom one is cute too, but I couldn't find a picture of it.

Happy Birthday little girl - you are the cutest!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 13

Today I am thankful for my nieces. I actually only have one now - but in about another week I'll have two:) Yay!

Amelia is the cutest little bug you ever saw. She has these cheeks that you just want to pinch they're so pudgy. And she does this thing with her lip - she sucks in the bottom one. It's just the cutest thing. I can't wait until she's old enough to talk to me on the phone. Then I can trade things with her for pictures too.

Ralph and Kristina haven't yet revealed the name of their little girl but she'll be here in about a week. I can't wait to see her - I'm hoping she has the same red hair as Benjamin. I'm so excited to have another neice- they are so much more fun to shop for:)

Monday, November 15, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 12

Today I am thankful for my nephews. Dylan, Tasman & Benjamin.

I don't get to see or talk to Dylan hardly ever - but we had fun in August when I was out there.

Yesterday I got to talk to Tasman on the phone. We made a deal that if he drew me three pictures I would send him 3 bags of Cheetos. Pretty sweet deal I know. Don't be jealous. I'm sure he'd make the same deal with you if you asked. I couldn't talk him into trying meatloaf though.

Benjamin is so cute - but he doesn't really like me much (mostly because I only see him every couple of years). I could listen to him say "get out of the car" over and over though - it's pretty cute. He's only 2 1/2 so I'm thinking in another year he'll not be so hard to win over and we'll be great friends.

I'm trying to convince my nephews that I'm the best Auntie ever - I send them little treats in the mail and am always willing to trade Cheetos for pictures. I love them all and wish they were closer so we could play together all the time.

22 days of Thanks - Day 11

Ooops. I missed yesterday. So here it is.

Today I am thankful for kids who can be bribed to help me with my chores. I'd be even more thankful if I didn't have to bribe them - but I'll take what I can get.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

22 Days of Thanks - day 10

I decided to let some other people guest post on my 22 Days of Thanks. So today is Breanna's day.

Today I am thankful for DC socks. My DC socks are squishy and I like squishy things. I'm also thankful for my best friend Cody he is crazy and i love him lots. I'm also thankful for Wayne. te he. also different colored pens. :] also chap stick but only the good flavors the gross flavors aren't worth any thing.

Friday, November 12, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 9

Today I am thankful for Mary. She is my sweet friend who lives 2 houses away. She is really crafty and uber-talented in the sewing department. She is helping me make the homecoming dress for Breanna (more like re-assuring me that I'm doing it right every step along the way). And last night when my poor machine started puckering all my really pricey fabric she offered to let me come down and use her machine. So I gathered my stuff and trudged down to her house at 10:15pm and sewed like a mad woman until after 2am. And no I didn't keep her up - due to her husband working the graveyard shift from home - she is a night owl already. But I am eternally grateful that she is assisting me in this endeavor. Thanks Mary - I love ya!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 8

Today I am thankful that when I was young my mom taught me how to cook, clean and sew. All skills I use almost daily now. If I ever have a question she's still the first one I call. And I'm always a little shocked when she doesn't have the answer ( like what to do with persimmons). I think I just have it in my head that she must know everything about everything. I have not been so good to my kids - I need to get on the ball and live up to my mother's example. Thanks mom. I love you.

October part 2 - Halloween

This is Hillary and Bre going out in the brief lull in the hail/wind/rain storm we had on Halloween. They went when it was just a slow drizzle.
The trunk-or-treat the night before - perfect weather thankfully. Hillary and Daddy.
Cute ballerina huh?

I'm not sure what she was here - a witch if she had had all the parts on (hat etc). But just enough costume to get candy without actually "being" anything I guess.
Connor just wanted a mask this year. The really scary one was out of his budget so he settled for this. I had to forbid him from scaring the little kids though. Boys.

Hillary during her kindergarten program. They sang wonderfully. Note the Wendy's french fries behind her. It was a pretty good costume.

Hillary singing.
They paraded into the gym before the program. I'm glad we ditched the Astrid idea early on as there were a couple others in her class. She was the only ballerina I saw this year.

Despite the crappy weather everyone had a great Halloween. Even Pat had a good time standing outside with his mask on to scare the older kids.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 7

Today I am thankful for dark chocolate. It makes me feel better when the post office rejects my mailing because the "e" in "schedule" did not stay in the appropriate box - but instead bled into the next box. Sheesh! No wonder they are losing millions of dollars each year to e-mail.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 6

Today I am thankful for jackets. It's getting cold here. Sad.

October stuff - part 1 -- finally

Hillary's kindergarten class went to the pumpkin patch in October. Pat got to go help chaperone. They all had a great time. He was in charge of Hillary and two other kids, Kai and Ana Marie (I think). They all had a fabulous time.

Monday, November 8, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 5

Today I am thankful for my crock pot. It allows me to make stew for dinner with very little effort. And I have a very full day ahead so I am glad for that.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 4

Today I am thankful for friends in my ward. They have blessed us generously this last few weeks with food and treats for my family. I didn't even have to ask. Stuff just shows up at our house when I seem to need it the most.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 3

Today I am thankful for health insurance. We have had a doozie of a couple months at our house and the insurance company is losing money on us this month. I'm glad I don't have to worry about cost when deciding if I should take my family to the doctor.

Friday, November 5, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 2

Today I am thankful for pumpkins. I got a ton of free ones this year and have been roasting and baking with them. They are yummy. Plus they are orange. And I love orange.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

22 days of Thanks - Day 1

I'm a few days later than I'd like - so it's 22 days instead of 25. But I wanted to do this anyway. I did it a couple years ago at Christmas and it was fun so I'm doing it again. Maybe I'll squeeze the other posts I've been procrastinating in also. Who knows.

Today I am especially thankful for Indian Summers. The weather has been so wonderful this week - after snowing last week and hailing and raining on Halloween - it's been back up in the 80's for several days. Yay for warm weather.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Witches, witches, witches

A couple weeks ago we took the girls up to Gardner village to have breakfast with the Witches. It's super fun and I'd definately recommend it for any little girl. But buy your tickets early next year as they sell out fast. And we definately were not the most dressed up - although both girls had matching witch hats.

They also have the best witches all around the shops. You can get a list and look like a scavenger hunt for them all. They're funny and cute.

Pat shareing witchy secrets.

You can't see it but this witch has cats running around under her skirt - like the sugarplum fairy in the Nutcracker.

Junk food witch.

Bre was a little creeped out. Hillary wouldn't get any closer to the witch though.

One of the great witches at breakfast. You get autograph sheets with all their pictures on it to go around and get signed.
They carry around these plates and share a worm with the kids.

The giant pumpkin cake.

Another witch. She was by far the "witchyest" one we saw.